CFSOE were the chosen fabricator to deliver a very complex and unique 35T chute configuration for the Maersk Connector. Made all the more challenging as it was to be manufactured alongside a 30T

twenty-metre-long working platform for the main tensioner winches. Both fabrications were to be delivered to the quay side on a very tight schedule.

In order for our client to deliver the cable from carousel to sea bed, the leading edge of the chute was to be deployed part submerged while on location due to the MBR of the cable. This gave the designers some issues as the vessel could not sail while the chute was in the water. Thus, they needed to design the chute so it could be removed while sailing to and from the field. So, a complex hinge arranged was designed to allow the chute to be lifted from the water during transit. This hinge arranged encompassed high tolerance machined components which is not easy to achieve on large fabrications which are to the fixed to a ships deck.

Daily client inspections were carried out during the fabrication to ensure the mobilisation run smoothly. Particular attention was paid to the inner smoothness of the cute due to past issues of cable damage.

The chute was fabricated entirely within the confines of Complete Fabrication Services facility and designed around the largest permissible road transportable dimensions along with the tensioner grillages. We were also contracted to carry out the full loadout and transport to Port of Blyth.

As part of the project we carried out the full demob of existing equipment in readiness for us to carry out the full mobilisation of the chute and grillages.

All the above carried out on time and within budget. We also issued an high quality full documentation dossier at the end of the project.